Ken Tuggle graduated from Yale College (BA 1962) and George Washington University Law School (JD 1968) and returned to Louisville to practice law. He clerked for a Federal Judge and served as an Assistant United States Attorney before entering private practice with Brown Todd & Heyburn, a predecessor of Frost Brown Todd, in 1972. He practiced at Frost Brown Todd until his retirement on December 31, 2012. From 1975 until his retirement, he provided legal services for Frontier Nursing Service and subsidiary companies including the Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing, Inc., now the separate Frontier Nursing University, Inc. He participated actively on the Boards of Directors of all of these companies. He is an active member of the Frontier Nursing University Board today. Mr. Tuggle has been listed in every edition of Best Lawyers in America since its inception more than 35 years ago. He is President of Pacific Century Institute, Inc. He and his wife, Catherine S. live on an 87 acre farm in Waddy, Kentucky.