Jan Stalder is a 2011 graduate of the family nurse practitioner Class 53.  As a search and rescue nurse, Ms. Stalder has witnessed the aftermath of the nation’s most devastating tragedies, including the 9/11 attacks, the Columbia Space Shuttle recovery and Hurricane Katrina.

Ms. Stalder is a charter member of Texas Task Force 1, one of 28 national search and rescue teams coordinated by FEMA. These elite FEMA teams can be dispatched in the wake of earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, plane crashes and other catastrophes.

In 1995, she started her own company, REO Rescue & Safety, Inc., providing specialized training in rescue and safety for fire/rescue personnel in municipalities and industry. Today, in addition to working as a family nurse practitioner in a family practice in McKinney, Texas, Ms. Stalder serves as a firefighter and paramedic. She is also a founding member of Texas 4 DMAT (a federal disaster medical assistance team), having served as a supervisory nurse manager with that team at Ground Zero.

Ms. Stalder has served as a mentor in the University’s Supporting Achievement in Graduate Education program and was recognized with Frontier’s Nurse Practitioner Leadership Award during the 2011 commencement ceremony. She also is serving as the first president of the Frontier Nursing Honor Society. A